Qing Tombs

Spend the morning shopping for souvenirs at the Jixian outdoor market followed by a visit to the magnificent Qing Tombs. We'll end the morning's excursion with a delicious Chinese lunch.

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Date: 16 May 2014

This excursion consists of a trip to the local outdoor market in Jixian, a tour of the Qing Dynasty tombs followed by a Chinese lunch.

Today will start with a visit to the local outdoor market in Jixian where we'll have ample opportunity to peruse the many stalls selling fresh produce, trinkets, souvenirs and other interesting knick-knacks. After the market, we'll make our way to the magnificent Qing Tombs located in Zunhua and nestled between four mountains.

The Qing imperial tombs cover an enormous area and house five of China's emperors, 14 empresses and 136 concubines. Although the Qing tombs are more impressive than the famous Ming dynasty graves, these Qing burial sites are visited relatively few.

Our first stop will be at Yuling, one of the most splendid royal tombs. Emperor Qianlong is buried here in a magnificent chamber consisting of a series of rooms separated by solid marble doors. The walls and arched ceilings are resplendent with Buddha figures and more than 30,000 words of Tibetan scriptures.

Next we'll pay a visit to Ding Dongling, the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi, the woman who ruled imperial China behind a curtain for 48 years. The main hall contains reproductions of pictures produced in 1903 by Cixi's photo studio located at the Summer Palace. The tomb bears a striking resemblence to the Empress Dowager's quarters in the Forbidden City. 

This excursion can be purchased with the 6-day itinerary. Excursions must be booked before arrival in China.

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The excursion begins from the hotel lobby. The exact time will be announced by your tour guide in advance. Optional tours must be booked before arriving in China.