Great Wall Marathon

17 May 2025
Choose between standard, comfort, and deluxe hotels.
6-day package

For the standard 6-day package, participants have a choice of accommodation: standard, comfort, or deluxe hotels.

In general, guests should expect the standard hotels to be clean and basic, with no added amenities. 

The comfort hotels will have limited amenities, while the deluxe hotels are more similar to name-brand Western hotels. 

Perhaps the biggest difference lies in the food options: participants will eat breakfast (and one dinner) at their hotels, and the higher-rated hotels will have more variety and better chefs. 


7-day package

For the 7-day package, there is a choice between two comfort hotels (based on location) and a deluxe hotel. The comfort central hotel is located slightly outside of downtown, generally between the second and fourth ring road of Beijing. 

The comfort downtown and deluxe downtown hotel are both located more centrally, meaning within the second ring road.


Hotel Standards

Please note that, in general, the standards in Chinese hotels are different than those of Western hotels. This may be apparent in aspects such as stiff mattresses or limited restaurant offerings. 


Single & Double Rooms

All package prices (including Mikkeller and Dansk) are per person and are based on two people sharing a room. If you are traveling with a companion and book together, you will automatically be put in the same room. If you book separately but would still like to share with a specific person, simply put the name and/or booking number of your companion in the ‘comments’ section of your booking.

If you are a solo traveler, you will be paired with another traveler of the same gender. Any participants that wish to have a room for themselves can pay a single supplement fee in order to obtain a single room.