Great Wall Marathon

21 May 2022

Acrobatic Show 2022

This is the perfect evening out! Watch an awe-inspiring display of breathtaking stunts and gravity-defying performances by talented acrobatics.
18 May | 3 hours | 50 USD

An entertaining evening is in store for you! Prepare to be impressed by a spectacular show of breathtaking performances by a troupe of talented acrobats. 

Acrobatics is a traditional Chinese performing art. The history of acrobatics in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. By 300BC, skills such as walking on 3m-high stilts and juggling daggers had been developed. The art form has evolved a great deal throughout time and today Chinese acrobatics is an inheritance of tradition and evolving techniques. 

Excursions must be booked before arrival in China.

Please note: The excursion starts on 18 May 2022 from the dinner restaurant around 19:00. The exact time will be announced by your tour guide.