Great Wall Marathon

18 May 2019


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We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions concerning the Great Wall Marathon. If your question isn't listed below, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Booking information

Where do I register for the Great Wall Marathon?

Go to the registration page to read more about how to join the Great Wall Marathon.

What is the price for spectators?

The price for spectators is the same as that for runners. Apart from participating in the actual race, spectators are part of the group and are provided transportation to and from the race venue on route inspection day, as well as on race day.
On race day, spectators are offered three later departures to the venue. The price also includes meals as stated in the itinerary, the celebration dinner after the marathon event and excursions as per the itinerary.

I am a resident of China. How do I sign up?

If you are a resident of China, you can sign up for the race without purchasing the tour package by emailing Culturestone, our partner in Beijing:

Can I register for the race without buying the tour package?

If you are not a resident of China, you will be required to purchase the tour package in order to register for the race.

Practical information

How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

If you book direct at arrival transfer is included from the airport to your hotel. Please note that some waiting time may occur.

Where is luggage kept during the race?

There is temporary luggage storage for runners near the start area.

Can I drink the water in China?

No. For drinking, it's advisable to buy bottled mineral water. The prices range from RMB 3-10 depending on the brand and where the water is bought. Most hotels provide a kettle for boiling water. 

Bottled water is provided at all drinks stations along the marathon route during the race.


The RMB (Renminbi) is the official currency of China. It is possible to exchange USD, Euro and most other currencies, but please note that most hotels only exchange a small amount of USD and Euro, so you will have to go to a bank for larger amounts. Most major credit cards such as VISA, American Express and MasterCard are accepted in China, but some ATMs of smaller banks (usually those without the name “China” in them) may have problems accepting foreign credit cards.

What kind of medical facilities are available?

Medical assistance in general
For medical treatment in China, it is advisable to purchase medical insurance that covers one of the international joint venture hospitals in many of the bigger cities like Beijing or Shanghai. If you fall ill, our guides and our office will assist in locating a suitable hospital.

Medical assistance during marathon event
An international team of doctors and nurses is available prior to, during and immediately after the marathon event. The doctors patrol the route and can be found at the Yin and Yang Square.

Do I need vaccinations?

Please consult your doctor before travelling to China regarding any vaccinations you may need.

Do I need a visa for China?

Yes. Almost all non-Chinese nationals will need a visa to enter China. There are different categories and you will most likely need a tourist visa (L). Please contact your local Chinese embassy or consulate for more information. The procedure normally requires submitting a visa application form, paying a fee and providing the Chinese authorities with an authorised itinerary from Albatros Travel. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after entry.

Are international flights included?

No. Our tours and holidays do not include international flights. Some tours include domestic flights.


About the organisers

The Great Wall Marathon is operated by Albatros Adventure Marathons, a brand owned by the Danish travel company Albatros Travel based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Albatros Adventure Marathons organises a series of Adventure Marathons consisting of the Polar Circle MarathonBig Five MarathonBagan Temple Marathon and the Petra Desert Marathon.

What's the difference between the Great Wall Marathon and the Great Wall of China Marathon?

With 2,500 runners from over 50 nations, The Great Wall Marathon has existed since 1999 and is widely considered one of the world’s most challenging marathons. Furthermore, The Great Wall Marathon is approved by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

We also partner with over 30 marathon specialist travel agencies worldwide. An international medical team is present at various aid stations along the course and ensures that all participants are provided medical attention before, during and after the race if necessary. All water stations also provide isotonic drinks for runners.

Great Wall Marathon photos

Official images of the Great Wall Marathon and its participants are used to promote the marathon event on all online and offline platforms belonging to Albatros Travel. All images are the property of the Great Wall Marathon. Official images may also be distributed to the general public via all Albatros Travel social media as well as to the press in general.

Contact info

You can reach our team in Copenhagen, Denmark by email or phone. We will reply within 72 business hours.

Write to us at or give us a call at +45 36 98 98 38.

Our telephone hours are Monday through Friday, 9.00am to 4.00pm (GMT +1).

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What others thought

"In my personal opinion the Great Wall Marathon China 2018 was an amazing experience and competition with great runners from all over the world and new friendships ... 
Excellent and challenging trail route, organization and logistics of first level. 
All the travel was exciting!!! Regards from Mexico,"

Mike Cortes,
2018 Great Wall Marathon finisher

The Great Wall experience was fantastic!! I cannot even find words to express the awesomeness of this trip!

2016 Great Wall Marathon finisher

Running along The Great Wall is the most beautiful thing, it's bloody hard but you'll love every minute of it. Get this race in your bucket list today.

2016 Great Wall Marathon finisher