Great Wall Marathon

18 May 2024

Race Videos & Photos

A collection of videos and photos from Inspection Day and Race Day at recent editions of The Great Wall Marathon.

Get inspired and prepared by checking out our collection below. Watch the event trailer and the route tour video to get motivated for the race, or see how past years have gone in the event recaps and the runner reviews.

The pictures give a hint to what you can expect on race day: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Get a sneak peek at Yin and Yang Square, where the race briefing, race start, and race finish will occur. Among other moments, you can see the struggle on the stairs, the joy of running through the villages, and, of course, the sheer exhiliration of victory at the finish line! 


2020 Official Event Trailer (:34)
2019 Event Recap (7:15)
Tour of the Route - Prepare for the Race! (5:35)
Look back at 2013: What do runners think? (2:03)